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  • THis house was restored in 2004 and like…
  • This house was restored in 2004 and was…

Locanda Val Pietro

Ca Magagno
This house was restored in 2004 and was also owned by the Borghi family.  Sitting on 50 acres of land it was farmed by the Sideri family called “I Rosci”  for their unmistakable red hair (this was very rare).  This family was distinguished for their hard work and honesty. The only two remaining brothers were hired by the Mochi farm in the 60’s.  The head of the Sideri family was Vincenzo who smoked cigars, but in order make them last longer he would keep the lit end in his mouth. Today the grandson nicknamed Celso (a shortened version of Vincenzo) continues to passionately cultivates the vegetable garden that surround the farmhouses which are the primary source of fruits and vegetables for the guests to be tasted and appreciated.

The house is divided in two, of which only one is available for guests because the other is occupied by Giancarlo Mochi and his family.

Ca Magagno can accommodate 8 people (about 150 meters squared). Ground floor - living room with a fireplace, kitchen, queen bedroom with a private bathroom, utility room with a washing machine.  First floor - queen bedroom and bedroom with two single beds sharing a bathroom, another bedroom with a queen bed and a private bathroom.

Ample garden patio with an above ground pool (8 x 4 meters).

4 guests
    •    High season: not available
    •    Bassa stagione: €650/settimana
6 guests
    •    Alta stagione: €1100/settimana
    •    Bassa stagione: €900/settimana
8 guests
    •    Alta stagione: €1350/settimana
    •    Bassa stagione: €1100/settimana

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