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  • THis house was restored in 2004 and like…
  • This house was restored in 2004 and was…

Locanda Val Pietro

Courses and activities
From relaxing at the pool to meandering through the countryside, there are several activities to enjoy while staying at the many Mochi farmhouses:

Activities offered by the Mochi Family
The Mochi’s have horses on the property available  for trips into the hills or for a unique experience  participate in the “La Transumanza” (moving of the cattle) or spend the morning working on the farm.  Another possibility is to take a walk into the woods, accompanied by a truffle expert following the nose of his trustworthy dog in search of these prized mushrooms. For those who enjoy fishing for sport, the ponds are full of fish.  

At certain times of the year cooking classes are offered at Locanda Val Pietro.  Learn how to create local dishes of Le Marche from local experts.  Your hosts can organize a wine tasting for you to sample the best wines of the area directly at the winery.

The surrounding area offers many nice activities in close contact with nature.  For example trekking or hiking on the endless trails of Monte Nerone, while the rolling hills of Le Marche are particularly suited for mountain biking.  A unique experience is a visit to the cave of Monte Nerone accompanied by an expert.

In this area, charcoal is still produced in the ancient way by piling up wood, covering it with grass and mud and then burning it slowly.  This labor intensive job is still practiced today in the foothills of Monte Nerone.

Known throughout the world, club dei brutti (The Ugly Club) was born in Piobbico but has crossed the Italian borders and now has members from all over the world.  If you would like to become a member for free, you can indulge in the ugliness!

Among the traditional jobs of the area, we emphasize artisan rugs made by hand on a antique loom. Try your hand at making a rug the way it has been done for centuries in the center of Piobbico.

In the near city of Urbania, where cermaics have been made for centuries, you can take a ceramics course taught by the masters.



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