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  • THis house was restored in 2004 and like…
  • This house was restored in 2004 and was…

Locanda Val Pietro

About us

The Mochi farm sits on 1200 acres in the municipalities of Piobbico, Urbania and Apecchio along the Candigliano river and immersed in the Le Marche countryside.  Starting in the 1950’s Giancarlo’s grandfather Carlo consolidated different plots of land into one single farm which has been passed down through the generations, from grandfather Carlo, then to his father Piero and now in the watchful hands of Giancarlo.



Today the farm cultivates grain, sunflowers, orzo, corn as well as raise cattle for beef.  The cows after surviving the cold winters in the stall graze in the rich fields of the hills surrounding the farm and then move to the higher meadows of Monte Nerone.  This traditional farming practice of moving the cows is particular to the farmers of this area and is known as “La Transumanza.”

Mamma Maria e Paola The process of raising the cattle in this way combined with feeding the cows grains produced on the farm, creates meat of superior quality that can be tasted in the traditional dishes prepared at Val Pietro. On the property there are four picturesque ponds used for irrigating the land and for watering the animals as well as for recreational activities.  In particular, the pond next to Candianaccio is the ideal for spending the day relaxing in peace.

On a smaller scale, they cultivate a large vegetable garden used to feed guests in the Agriturismo & Val Pietro.  The garden is full of  tomatoes, melons & aspargus cultivated by Grandpa Piero, while the plums, cherries & onions are transformed by the expert hands of Grandma Maria into delicious marmalades & jams.

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